An Illustrated Guide to Getting Published - an Author 'How to…' Manual
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Author John Chapman leads you through the intricacies of getting your book to readers.

  • Conventional publishing
  • Self-publishing
  • Independent – Print on demand
  • Ebooks

…the choices are up to you, and are not as tricky as you may believe.

John directs you through cover design, book descriptions, keywords and book promotion because, unfortunately, getting sales is not so obvious.

Author John Chapman and his wife Shelia have written and published 17 books. As an ex-teacher, John can’t resist giving you the benefit of his experience in getting books published.

John will show you how to publish your book and earn royalties each month from the sales. He will show you how to avoid the many services offered to authors but which offer a poor return for their cost. There are other services and software which offer good value for money and which you can take advantage of without going into debt.

An Illustrated Guide to Getting Published will assume you have a word processed story but also a limited budget. It will show you how to self-edit and proofread your book or find services to do the editing for you if this is your wish.

It will suggest how and why you should approach literary agents rather than publishers and warn you of the difficulties and timescale involved.

If you choose to publish independently it will guide you through formatting your book – a relatively simple process for both print-on-demand books and ebooks.

This ‘how to…’ book will teach you how to produce an ebook from your word processed document using free software. It will show you how to make your book discoverable amongst the millions of books available.

Hints and tips abound in this book. You’ll find everything from recruiting affiliates to guidelines on pricing your book for the greatest profits. It offers a handbook on creating or having created covers which will draw prospective readers to read your book description and think “I must read that.”

Like other self-publishing 101 courses this guide will tell you how you can become a ‘best-seller’ but also points out that being a best-selling author doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get lots of sales.

An Illustrated Guide to Getting Published will show you how an author can convert their hobby to being a business. It will show you how to research keywords and use analytics to draw readers to your books. Whether you are writing children’s books, women’s fiction, action/adventure, a novel, a textbook or a PhD thesis. Whether writing in English, Spanish or Hindi it will suggest strategies to get your work into print.

Amazon should be the primary retail platform to launch your book in ebook format. The advantages and disadvantages of Digital Rights Management (DRM) are covered as well as Kindle Select and Kindle Unlimited. John will walk you through the process of publishing at Amazon but also cover publishing on other platforms such as Google Play. Through distributors such as Smashwords or Draft to Digital he will show you how to publish at Apple iTunes (iBooks), Barnes and Noble, Kobo and others.

Has anyone told you how to deal with tax on author income? John will tell you what records you need to keep throughout this guide.

Social media will have a significant effect on your earnings. Email lists are incredibly powerful promotional tools. This author manual will tell you what to do to build your social media network and more importantly, tell you what not to do when launching, marketing and responding to reviews of your book.

Finally there’s a reference section with useful articles, links and contacts which may help authors whether they are novice or expert.

Not every technique in this book will work for every author. There’s a lot of luck involved in becoming successful. But the more you work at it, the luckier you’ll be. Some of the information provided can be technical but you’ll find lots of illustrations and examples to deal with this which is why it’s called “An Illustrated Guide to Getting Published.”

It’s available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other retailers.