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So you’ve written a book? Well done; but what are you going to do with it now? If you were thinking of printing it out and sending the manuscript to a publisher you may need to hold on.

  • Which publisher will you send it to?
  • Do they have a required submission policy?
  • Do they actually want books at the moment?
  • How much will it cost in ink, paper and postage? Do you need to pay a publisher?
  • How long are you prepared to wait?

Sending complete manuscripts off to a publisher probably isn’t the best method of

getting published. The process is a lot more involved today. You’ll need some guidance. That’s what this site and the book that goes with it are all about.

Before you go further let me make some assumptions:

  1. You don’t have a spare fortune available to get your book published
  2. You’d like to see your book in print soon – certainly within two years.
  3. You would like to make some money from this, not spend money.
  4. You have written your book using a word processor.

Does that fit you? If so, read on…